México: promoción intensa de aguacate en Asia

La Asociación de Productores y Envasadores / Exportadores de Aguacate de México (APEAM), estuvo presente en Foodex Japón, donde productores y empacadores tuvieron la oportunidad de reunirse con importadores asiáticos.
The Association of Producers and Packer/Exporters of Avocado of Mexico (APEAM), was present at Foodex Japan, where producers and packers had the opportunity to meet with Asian importers.
"APEAM has been here for more than 10 years... After Europe, Japan opened the doors to our products and we are doing well. We cover more than 90% of the market... The importers tell us that we must continue doing promotions."
According to APEAM, it's essential to continue promoting the benefits of Mexican avocados, especially among the younger generations, so that consumption continues to rise. This and all the other activities that we carry out abroad contribute to the increase of Mexican avocado consumption and, therefore, directly benefit all the members of this value chain and Mexico.
Meetings with importers
One of the qualities of the Mexican avocado, which has allowed it to enter the most demanding markets, such as Japan, is its reliability; which is achieved thanks to the effort of producers and packers. In a meeting on March 7, the Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd, a major supermarket chain with 176 stores in Japan, discussed the possibilities of importing Avocado from Mexico with companies that share the same principles and approach as them, that is to say, that commits to deliver a constant supply so that the final consumer can have a fresh product in ideal conditions.
Ms. Yuki Fujita, Ito-Yokado's overseas manager, said that these supermarkets served the communities as a meeting place, which is why they have gained enormous consumer confidence. Their selection criteria for the products that they import include: the product's flavor and freshness, among other things, but they also have a strong emphasis on safety and confidence in the food. Thus, the purchase of Mexican avocados would be conditioned to the ability to confirm production methods, conducting pesticide residue tests, and other tests at storage sites in Japan. These requirements, however, would not represent a major challenge for the Mexican avocado, as its great flavor and quality, which is recognized around the world, have made it one of Mexico's most important and competitive agricultural food products.
In the final stretch of Foodex, the promotional efforts of the Mexican avocado in the Japanese country included the Avocados From Mexico stand, which was one of the most visited in Foodex Japan, with an average of one hundred daily visitors, including buyers, importers, chefs, restaurateurs, and people from the food industry.
In addition, Sopexa's director for Asia Pacific, Charles Durand, offered an interview in which he highlighted the importance of promotion in Japan. Durand said that, like every year, the official APEAM delegation visited Japan to promote the Mexican avocado with a stand and its official mascot, and that this was a very important opportunity to arrange appointments with importers.
The manager of this important international agency said that it would be very effective to continue doing promotion in Japan and in other Asian markets, highlighting the health benefits of the Mexican avocado.
China, Mexico's second biggest market in Asia after Japan, and the fifth in the world, presents a lot of potential, given the growing interest in the beneficial properties of Mexico's avocado. That is why the APEAM and Sopexa have reviewed the possibility of conducting a promotion campaign in the Asian giant.

fuente: freshplaza.com


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